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Memorial Day is a United States federal holiday of national reverence which is observed on the last Monday of May. This holiday commemorates U.S. men and women who died in military service for their country. It began first to honor Union soldiers who died during the American Civil War. After World War I, it expanded to include those who died in any war or military action.


Bruno said...

A pity its not a memorial for those sick fucks that rampaged through Haditha.

Anonymous said...

"That an awful person like you could appreciate The Division Bell and all that it means is simply beyond amazing.
It's not surprising that you enjoy the incredible music, it's quite good. I wonder if you can even comprehend the deeper meaning, the split between Roger Waters and the rest: David Gilmour (who replaced Syd) along with Nick Mason and Richard Wright.
I wonder if you even know anything about Syd Barett.
I wonder how you can enjoy this English music while deriding the culture from whence it came.
You are the ultimate of hypocrites, the ugliest of what comes from a free society.
I hope you enjoy the music, and all that made it possible. I hope you and your kind never have their way, to destroy all that we have worked for to make this possible. Drug laws have nothing to do with your poison."

so you think i'm awful! that is amazing by it self, i don't think you know enough about me to form an accurate idea about me, so why do you think i'm awful? b/c i'm an arab? b/c i'm not pro-bush? b/c i'm not conservative?
and even if we disagree on alot of issues, dose that mean that we are not supposed to like the same music? how stupid do you think i am? why don't you think that i can comprehend the meaning of music, actually the only kind of music that i like is complex and multi layered and yes has deep meanings.i blog alot about pink floyd that not only, maybe the only one you saw.
and yes a know alot about pink floyd, more that what you'd expect, my brother got me pink floyd when the wall(the movie)came out, and i've been a BIG fan since then and i know all about their history.

and what do you mean by "deriding the culture from whence it came"? you mean westren culture?
see thats the thing with ppl like you, you over generalized too much, you think in a two dimensional way, us Vs, them, terror Vs.freedom, it's westren culture Vs. ME culture, both culters are very complex, too complex to but in one category
i'm not pro-bush, and i'm not pro-iraq war, i don't like getmo or the patriot act, dose that make me anti-west? i hated suddam but i don't like the war is being run, i hate bin laden and the talaban but karazy and his war lords are no better,
you should know that alot of ppl in america and the europe oppose the same things that i oppose, yes ppl like me exist regadless if you want to realize it b/c we fuck up the way that you look at the world.
you should know that roger waters and Gilmour and socialists and waters is pro-palestine, have you read the lyrics of "money"?, when it comes down to it you are the hypocrite listening to band with socialists backround, but's okay they are"westrens" not ayrabs, right?LOLplz stop associating me with any violenet group that whats to destroy "everything", i'm not for distorying anything, i'm a layed back person and so the the ppl that i associate with, meaning my family and freinds(arabs and americans), none of them want to do anybody harm including you.
i don't deriding the culture b/c i know it's complex and contains ppl like you and others that i might agree with alot of issues, i believe that "bad apples" exist everywhere, in every single culture, even yours, so i don't judge all "westrens" b/ci don't like the current white house, i don't dislike all arabs b/c of bin laden, that's just stupid and i expect every smart person to relieze that. is that too much to ask for?

ps: i couldn't post the comment on my blog for some reason so sorry to ruin your post about M-day, you can delete it, i just wanted to reply somehow.