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surge plan

US surge plan in Iraq 'working'
The military objectives of the US troop surge in Iraq "are largely being met", the top US military commander in Iraq, Gen David Petraeus, has said.

Petraeus talks of troop withdrawal
In long-awaited testimony, the commanding general of the war said last winter's buildup in U.S. troops had met its military objectives "in large measure."

Iran fighting 'proxy war in Iraq'
Washington - Iran is fighting a "proxy war" through Shi'a militias against the Iraqi state and United States-led forces in the war-torn nation, US war commander General David Petraeus said on Monday.

US plans base on Iraq-Iran border
The US military is planning to build its first base near Iraq's border with Iran in order to curb the alleged flow of weapons to Shia militants in Iraq.

Iraq chides 'meddling' neighbours
Iraqi leaders have criticised neighbouring countries for interfering in the country's internal affairs.

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