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Immigration Bill

Deal Struck on Immigration Bill

Bush hails deal on immigration reform

From Michelle Malkin -

Excerpts from an e-mail bulletin by Roy Beck of

Although we don't have the legislative language yet, here are the key

WE LOSE -- by getting an immediate amnesty for nearly all 12-20 million
illegal aliens who will get legal status for residence and jobs (with assurance
of green cards no later than 13 years).

IN EXCHANGE FOR -- we get mandatory workplace verification and a lot of
extra enforcement (with a lot of typical Kennedy loopholes) to try to slow the
flow of the next 12 million illegal aliens enticed by the amnesty;

WE LOSE -- by getting a tripling of the rate of chain migration of
extended family from around 250,000 a year to around 750,000 a year for about a

IN EXCHANGE FOR -- after about a decade, there should be no more chain
migration (assuming that Kennedy doesn't add it back in by then);

WE LOSE -- by getting new flows of 400,000 temporary foreign workers
each year, bringing their families and having anchor babies who will be given
U.S. citizenship;

IN EXCHANGE FOR -- at least the temporary workers are supposed to leave
and not be able to apply for greencards and permanent residency.

The majority
of Republican Senators last year voted against the S. 2611 amnesty that

But at a noon meeting today with nearly all GOP Senators, Sen. Kyl
outlined the amnesty agreement he had negotiated with Sen. Kennedy. Our sources
say only about three Senators raised concerns. Most of the rest were saying
things like, "If you think this is a good idea, John, I guess that should be
good enough for us."

Pres. Bush and staff have been brilliant in moving Sen. McCain
(R-Ariz.) and Sen. Martinez (R-Fla.) into a more secondary role and persuading
conservative leader Kyl to lead the negotiations. Kyl is able to lead many
Senators to follow him who would otherwise not support an amnesty of any

At the moment, the only Senators whom we feel relatively certain are
opposing this new amnesty are Sen. DeMint (R-SC), Enzi (R-Wyo.), Crapo
(R-Idaho), Vitter (R-La.), Allard (R-Colo.), Sessions (R-Ala.), Chambliss
(R-Ga.), Grassley (R-Iowa)...

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