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Saddam Hussein is DEAD

Saddam Hussein was executed, in accordance with Iraqi law, at around 6 A.M. Baghdad time (10 P.M. Eastern U.S. time)

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Dr. Mathews said...

He bequeathed the US an awful mess:

After U.S. units pounded al-Sadr's men in August 2004, the cleric apparently decided that instead of facing American tanks, he'd use the Americans' plans to build Iraqi security forces to rebuild his own militia.

So while Iraq's other main Shiite militia, the Badr Brigade, concentrated in 2005 on packing Iraqi intelligence bureaus with high-level officers who could coordinate sectarian assassinations, al-Sadr went after the rank and file.

His recruits began flooding into the Iraqi army and police, receiving training, uniforms and equipment either directly from the U.S. military or from the American-backed Iraqi Defense Ministry.