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Raed's amusing speculation

Raed Jarrar has made an appearance on Democracy Now to discuss the situation in Iraq following the al-Askari shrine bombing. Transcript and video are available HERE.

Raed uses a signal phrase used by many conspiracy theorists and those seeking to put blame somewhere other than where it belongs, he uses the "put things in context" line: "So let me put things in context before I say what I think about the explosion, per se."

He attempts to give some historical context which is supposed to demonstrate how the Sunnis and Shias are unified concerning the al-Askari shrine, and explains how the Sunnis couldn't have bombed the mosque. He seems to forget all about Al Qaeda, who seek to sabotage Iraq's political process by turning groups against one another. The disruption of unity benefits those opposed to Iraq's democracy, but Raed makes other suggestions...

Raed launches into a conspiracy comparing the US and coalition tactics to those used by Syrian President al-Assad: turning different groups against one another. Of all the mistakes made in Iraq, no one thinks that the US or coalition is intentionally trying to prevent unity, one of the most important goals. It's at this point that Raed is cut off, almost as if someone at Democracy Now realized that this was ridiculous and pulled the plug! Just imagine some control-person saying "uhhh kill the feed, this bologna doesn't help our agenda by making us look stupid."

And so that was the end of Raed. He was probably assured that there was some technical difficulty, given an apology and a thank-you and sent on his merry way.

On his blog Raed constantly calls for the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq. He calls the Iraqi government a puppet government and says it is not legitimate. Apparently he longs to see Iraq's elected government overthrown and replaced by a regime which suppresses the Iraqi people through terror. Either he doesn't consider the consequences of this, or he is more diabolical than he is trying to appear. In reading his blog, it seems probable that Raed is a Baathist who enjoyed the rule of Saddam greatly and hated to see him go.


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Joan said...

A lot of what Raed has to say is dubious, but I do enjoy reading his blog these days. I enjoy it when he is making an effort to behave himself (it is very funny, I can almost imagine him grating his teeth, to be truthful, I am not sure if diplomacy suits Raed) and I enjoy it when he just rants. He is getting better at ranting, I feel, because he realises he is being a little bit ridiculous. Or at least that's the way it seems, which is the true path to entertaining comedy. It's a marvel how you can swing people around to your point of view if you have natural comic on your side. I fear for America, I think Raed's presence is likely to hit the bigtime. He loves the spotlight and eggs his hecklers on. I expect he will sadly be rather well known one day as an entertainer. Unfortunately, he is the type of person to make socialism popular again. A great danger indeed.