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Here are some very interesting comments found at the blog of an anti-American blogger from Iran named Niki:

I am a pro-war again terror person.and why the heck should i not supprt it?images like these show the ties amongst all the terrorists from southern lebanon to caves of afghanistan and this is an example to justify this war,if u dont allow one of them to reach the WMD the next day they invite a guy like sadr who is resp for lives of many people.(i got the sarcasm in your cooment on the photo though)
Sina- Ok, so let me get this straight, you are happy that a war you supported is allowing people you call terrorists to consolidate their power?
no not at all,I-like every other human being-dont like war in first place.Terrorism is like a network these days in middle east and that part of the world.Most of them are potential terrorists.See,last year
we couldnt even imagine seeing any country's officials speaking to SADR.
He was a known terrorist whom even Iraqis hate,But now Iranian govenor is playing the SADR card because they are not allowed to produce nuclear weapon.This is called potential terrorism.
Why are we not expanding the meaning of "terrorist networks" to include those who create terror in Iraq and Afghanistan, i.e Bush & Co.? Perhaps, if you did so, you'd see that Bush and Sadr have a lot more in common.
Terror was in Iraq before the US attack.We all know what Saddam's regime was like.Why do we close our eyes to his crimes,Why nobody talked about Abu Gharib persion before the US attack?Why nobody cared about Iraqi people when Saddam was in power?Sima,you cannot blame coalition forces if Syrian and Jordanian terrorists kill Iraqi people.
Sina- You are ignoring the fact that it was the illegal U.S. war on Iraq that made Sadr into the powerful figure he is today. Sadr's group has so much support that now the other Shia groups in parliament have to consult with him. Face it: he got the votes, he has the support. If 13 years of sanctions hadn't stripped Iraq of so much, religious groups such as Sadr's wouldnt have been able to gain a following among ordinary Iraqis who turn to them for day-to-day support and comfort. In addition, even the U.S. statistics themselves show that a very very small percent of the insurgency is made up of "foreign" fighters". The only significant "foreign fighters" in Iraq who are responsible for the murder of civilians are the U.S./U.K. occupation troops. Finally, you've called yourself the "feminist guy", then how can you maintain your pro-war position when this "invasion of liberation" has resulted in the serious curtailing of women's rights in Iraq? Aren't pro-war types always babbling about "women's rights", so please, befarmayeed, tell me how this war has saved Iraqi women!?
I assume you are calling this war "illegal" because UN and security council did agree with it.yeah right,because UN itself and Annan's son were making money out of the sanctions. Did u not hear in news back a few months ago about that publicn query which made many of UN officials to resign? or you just prefer to hear what u want coz they are not anti war.Some member of the security council like pro-peace countries such as France!!! and Germany!!! just didnt want war coz they were getting cheap oil from Saddam's regime.I have no idea where u got those statistics coz the casulaities of war is much less than than the terrorists attacks.Iraqi people dont just kill innocent Iraqi people.Some sunni groups might support insugency but they dont bomb themselves.the truth is many Iraqis are grateful for the freedom they have been given,my question is : Did u ever write anything or even thought of the torture, people were going through during Saddam's regime?did u ever care about the mass murders?no u didnt coz u had no idea.Not only u neither did 99% of anti war activists.
Do they not broad cast the mass graves being found in Iraq in the US media,or you just close your eyes to that coz the war was “illegal”?
History has taught us terrorism will never last and will never win.

In respect of women rights: Niki I called myself as a feminist guy in my previous weblog because I believe in sexual equality(pro-feminism) and I am an activists in this regard in my real life.I have done so many tiny things for it as much as I could and I am proud of it.
Unfortunately though just like thousands of blogger I prefer to stay anonymous(I have the right I guess,don’t I?) and I cannot reflect the things I do in my real life coz my full name is on it .

Niki when you wrote all women right activists should be anti war(or at least I thought u meant it) it just reminded me of the usual stereo types that a feminist woman is a vegetarian short hair lesbian man hater.

Just an example according to the new Iraqi constitution law: 25% of the parliament seats must be occupied by female MP’s. Women in Middle Eastern countries dream about having such a thing in their countries.

I know there is not such security in Iraq for women at the moment but it wont last forever. Just have a look at Afghani women and see how they are improving after their country was liberated.
Dear Sina-

Well, at least you admit that you support the Iraqi constitution, which says that ALL laws must be in accordance to Islamic law. Go read the constitution, it says this over and over. So if you read what is oultined in this constitution as "liberation" for women, then I don't think we have any common ground for discussion.

As for you being an activist for women in your real life, well, you don't have to prove anything to me. And I respect your right to anonymous. It just freaks me out that people like you who support wars of occupation that destroy infrastructures, kill civilians, and facilitate the rise of fundamentalism in a society with a long history of secularism and women's achievements is out there working for "women's rights".

So if you are doing out there doing something to "liberate" me as an Iranian woman, I would say to you: "Thanks but no thanks!". And I know that I am not the only one who would say this to you.
If I ever mentioned being an activist for women rights it was just because you asked for it.and ask why I called myself "feminist guy" and I am not doing anyone a favour.I am just doing myself a favour.Well,to be honest with you nobody has told me "thanks but no thanks" yet,nobody has actualy said "thanks" either.and what I do is not limited to Iranian women.just for the record writing in a weblog with 100 visitors per day doesnt make anyone women rights activist either.

About Iraqi constitution: even most of people who did agree with war,admit at least it is democratic.the islam part of it:if u believe in democracy u should know majority decides,and most of Iraqis believe in their own religion and we should respect that.This constitution has been written by Iraqis themselves,this is what they believe in.and if u dont agree with that let me break it for you,you have no idea what democracy means in first place.How can a Parliament which has been absolutely elected by people of a country direct them to fundamentalism against their will.It was most unreasonable explanation I have ever read from an anti war as I said 25% of this Parliament are women MP's how on earth they can pass laws against women? After Israel,Iraq is the 2nd democracy in middle east,believe it or not.
But you know what your problem is: after the war in Iraq this so called
"Intellectuality" amused so many people Specially in north is kinda cool to be anti war for some people including yourself or opposing GWB makes you cool.

How sad it is to see people like you are now defending a mass murderer like Saddam while Iraqis themselves are welcoming the whole new government,I am sure you heard about the election in Iraq back in Dec.
I was in Iraq back in Aug 2005 and I saw the real Iraq unlike you guys who knew nothing about iraq before 2003.You can still enjoy this anti war conversations though with your leftist minded firends under a "Che guara" poster in a republic cafe some where in states,but no one buys that any where in Iraq coz they are moving on for good.and again unlike people in Iraq dont like their past and Saddam's regime.


Anonymous said...

I support United States and my President GWB. I also support America's just war against Islamic terrorism and thugs like Saddam etc.

The best sources reporting about whats really hapening in the War on Terror are the soldiers fighting the war and the trustworthy embeded reporters who are actually with the units fighting in the war. right now.

I happen to know a few soldiers and reporters in Iraq, Afghanistan and Asia but there are other first rate sources called mil-blogs.

Large Mil-blog list click the site map and explore.

I see that the infamous Niki & Raed Jarrar visit here. :)

Ironic isn't it, they are in America and want to become Americans even though they hate America!!

I guess they're hunting for the Mother of all 'Merican NGOs to finance their hi-life!! LOL



Anonymous said...


I have no idea who you are or what u believe in but thanks for publishing my comments.They are full of spelling mistakes though :) as I was writing them when I was at work in a very small window hehehe


Anonymous said...

I am going to use some parts of your last post in my blog with of course mentioning the source,hope u dont mind.

Eagle said...

Sina: Thank you for your comments :) I posted your comments just as they appeared, the minor spelling errors do not detract from the discerning content.

Eagle said...

Thanks for the links Rubin :)

Nasty Canasta said...

Couldn't just say 'embedded reporters' had to add "trustworthy"....Bwahahahahahaha!
And its not 'our' President, it's "My" President. Sounds like Daffy Duck.... "Its mine! It's Mine! All Mine!!

Rubin sounds like a typical stingy, 'its all about me' loser.
Mama must of loved him a little toooooo much.

How come it's so quiet on this blog 007?

Why does the Eagle fly alone?

Does it not have any friends?

Eagle said...

What about embedded reporters and the President?